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Lovederly is firmly supported by ‘Swaruma’,
an organisation that lives the concept of neighbourhood network in palliative care.

Lovederly has been conceived from the firm belief that the aged and the infirm, the permanently bedridden, the terminally ill, the mentally and physically challenged, all have a right to quality life as much as any of us and death in dignity. This digital platform is designed to cater to their needs by providing reliable and regularly updated information. To ensure that these services are within reach, we zoom in on those available in the immediate locality.

We take inspiration from the life and work of Dame Cicely Saunders, Pioneer of the hospice movement, who more than anybody else was responsible for establishing the discipline and culture of palliative care. We go by her dictum that dying people needed respect and compassion as well as rigorous scientific methodology in the management of their suffering.

The whole gamut of services and institutions in this domain, including geriatric care homes, hospices, Alzheimer’s centers, home nursing agencies, pain management facilities etc. Find a place in the platform.

Lovederly draws on the wealth of two decades of experience of the foot soldiers of the WHO acclaimed Kerala palliative movement, at the grassroot level, as well as on policy makers at the other end of the spectrum. Palliative care as a branch of medical science as well as a community movement is currently witnessing rapid evolution.

Lovederly aspires to bring the best and the latest in the sector to the needy through adept use of digital technology.
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